Our Story

The Beginning

Founded in 2013 by Oregonian Kayla Van Hoose, Bluebird Hats is quickly establishing itself as a globally recognized brand.

Based on our roots in the action sports community, we are merging an urban and active lifestyle to challenge the traditional winter apparel industry. Our mission is to make high quality hats for the adventure people. We want people to be proud to wear our hats and feel inspired to make the most of each day. We develop hats for those whose hearts are in the mountains – for the passionate people who travel the world in search of adventure.

Have a Bluebird day!

Our Heritage

Kayla (CEO of Bluebird Hats LLC) has come a long way from her humble beginnings. Before there was Bluebird Hats, there was a motivated, college girl just trying to fulfill her entrepreneurial spirit and make some extra money. 

Kayla started hand crocheting beanies in her dorm room back in 2013 and started selling to friends and family. Not long after, she was running around campus at the University of Utah delivering hundreds of hat orders. 

With serious persistence year after year, what was a hobby, turned into a thriving company called Bluebird Hats. 

In September, 2019, Bluebird Hats launched with more energy and meaning than ever before. Since then, the Bluebird Hats family has only kept growing – both in terms of people and products. A bluebird day on the mountain is our version of happiness and we want to keep spreading our message as long as possible. 

Lastly, we live by the quote below:  

"Travel and be nice."