The Beginning

True to its roots, Bluebird Hats has created a product and lifestyle that merges an urban and active lifestyle inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Designed originally in 2013 for function, Bluebird Beanies have quickly become a sought after, stylish cool-weather staple countrywide.

A true passion project while in college, Kayla Van Hoose, founded, created, designed and handcrafted high quality beanies that her audience can’t get enough of! Kayla has found the perfect blend of fashion and function in Bluebird.

Bluebird Hat's mission is to create high quality specialty beanies that feel and function as good as they look. It’s easy to imagine Bluebird Beanies dressed down and worn in the mountains, but they are designed equally as well to be worn dressed up for city nights.

Why the name, “Bluebird Hats?”

A bluebird day on the mountain is our version of perfect happiness—bliss. It’s typically a sunny, cloudless day after a night of snowfall. Whether you're on the mountain or not, have a Bluebird Day!

Made by Kayla

In 2013, Kayla found a new hobby crocheting beanies in her dorm room for friends and family. Before long, she was running around campus at the University of Utah delivering numerous hat orders.

Today, each and every beanie is still made by founder, Kayla herself. As the company grows, Kayla is also growing a small team of women around her while ensuring that all beanies are ethically made in Hood River, OR. Both Kayla’s and the company goal is to empower as many women as possible through Bluebird by providing jobs to women seeking an achievable and feasible life/work balance.

What makes Bluebird Hats unique?

Best known as a “hug for your head,” our beanies are the warmest thing your head will ever encounter. After a rigorous design process, The Bluebird Beanie was perfected in 2019 and now each offers a double-layered knit beanie, with an exterior of 100% organic wool and an interior of 100% soft acrylic, alleviating any itch. Our finalized design offers the benefits of the natural wool properties but gives the comfort of soft acrylic on the skin. Furthering our commitment to humanity and being a better business, Bluebird only uses faux fur accents and vegan leather tags. 

Lastly, we live by the quote, 

"Travel and be nice."