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Bluebird Hats Team

Kayla Van Hoose


Kayla has come a long way from her humble beginnings. Before there was Bluebird Hats, there was a motivated, college girl just trying to fulfill her entrepreneurial spirit and make some extra money. 

Kayla started hand crocheting beanies in her dorm room back in 2013 and started selling to friends and family. Not long after, she was running around campus at the University of Utah delivering hundreds of hat orders. 

With serious persistence year after year, what was a hobby, turned into a thriving company called Bluebird Hats. 

Today you can find Kayla doing it all - posting on social media, writing thank you cards, customer service, perfecting every stitch of your hat, and much more. 

A little about Kayla:

  • Her nickname is ‘Hoosey’
  • She loves to ski
  • She is currently watching Gilmore Girls
  • She loves wearing robes all day long 

Patty Moles

Mother First &

Head of Research & Development 

Patty Moles is a new addition to Bluebird Hats. However, the company wouldn’t be where it is today without her leadership & guidance. 

Patty brings decades of experience in the hat & retail industry. She started her own winter hat company back in the 80s called ‘Piper Products.’ Piper Products is now a local legend - friends are still begging for just one more iconic hat. Yet, the journey before was truly impressive. Patty and her Piper Products was making the best for the best. Some notable highlights include being in contract with L.L. Bean to sell through their catalog, making hats for the US Olympic biathlon team, elite college athletes and teams, and multiple collections for the Empire State Games. 

Piper Products dominated the market and was led by a hard working, kick ass downhill ski racer, named Patty Piper. 

You can find Patty designing new hats for production, supporting kayla in the distribution process, and proving endless love and encouragement. Our team is so lucky to have her and ‘Piper Products’ spirit merge into Bluebird Hats and take it to the next level. 

A little about Patty:

  • Most know her as Patty Piper on the ski hill
  • She was and will always be an amazing skier 
  • She will eat nails just to beat you in a competition 
  • She is currently watching the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • She just got a new hot tub and is pretty excited about it